Galina Lubachevsky

Energy Healing

There is a unique opportunity to receive energy healing and other wellness services from Maryland/Costa Rica based healer, Galina Lubachevsky (, who is visiting Colorado for a short period of time.

Galina is a food scientist with 15 years of experience developing new food products in the Food Industry and a scientific writer. In 2008 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and chose to follow a holistic path. She successfully manages brain tumor and two autoimmune diseases exclusively by holistic methods.

The healing journey transformed Galina into a highly spiritual intuitive healer, teacher and wellness consultant. She travels the world learning different healing modalities. She studied from pioneers of Energy Medicine, shamans, renowned QiGong and Reiki masters.

Galina offers the following services:

  1. Energy Healing session

This is a powerful, non-invasive, hands-on treatment encompassing a variety of energy healing modalities: Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Medical QiGong, Shamanic techniques, crystal healing, sound healing and aromatherapy. The optimum combination of different therapies will be utilized based on the patient’s needs.

  1. Muscle/energy testing

It is a method of gathering accurate biofeedback on the body’s physiological and psychological and spiritual states. Based on the testing results Galina can recommend optimum diet, supplements and healing modalities to her clients.

  1. Healing Jewelry

Galina’s jewelry is created in a ceremonial environment from unique healing stones that she collected during her travels. The jewelry is infused with different healing frequencies.  The benefits of wearing this jewelry are long lasting.

It is also possible and is recommended to create a custom healing jewelry piece. Galina connects energetically with her client, conducts a short interview and the piece of powerful unique jewelry is programmed with desired healing frequencies.


30 min healing session: $75

60 min healing session: $150

Healing jewelry: depending on the crystals chosen

Galina offers a 20% discount to Pyxarium patrons.

Galina’s availability for in person sessions:

July 8-10

July 18-21

For details, please contact Galina at


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